Master Grade’s V-shape manual sharpener


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Proudly designed and engineered in the USA. Master Grade is built with the best materials, parts, and technology in the industry. The V-shape manual sharpener is designed only to sharpen one point of the cutting edge without any support, therefore, after around a hundred passes, the cutting edge will start to have uneven wear and gradually will develop a wavy edge.

Master Grade’s round discs are built with top-grade of tungsten with multiple discs to stabilize and guide for balanced sharpening to prevent a wavy edge. The tungsten discs last 100 times longer than a V shape, certainly the longest life compared to any manual sharpener.


Designed by an expert in the sharpening industry
Sharpening skills are transferred in the sharpener
It is easy to use, no need to use much pressure, pass your knife in a couple of times
Housing: High-end ABS fire resistance resin with fiber for high-impact proofing
Sharpening Parts: Steels and top-grade of tungsten discs
Built with the best parts and materials
Sharpen a knife’s cutting edge in just a couple of passes
The unique patent-pending design reduces the burr to the minimum
Creates an unbelievable sharp edge



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