Knight Titanium Plated 13-Piece Block Set


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We all could use a Knight in shining armor in the kitchen sometimes. The Knight Titanium Plated 13-Piece Block Set will come to your rescue, making food prep easy! For those who are mental for metallics and who like to show off their cutlery, this stylish bronze titanium set provides the perfect mode of storage to do so. This 13-piece set offers amazing value and utility. Full tanged and hairline finished blades, Knight knives provide any kitchen connoisseur with every knife they need to cook and prepare a feast.


Long-lasting titanium-coated blades
Comfortable oversized handle
8″ Slicing knife
8″ bread knife
7″ Santoku knife
5″ utility knife
4.5″ steak knife (x6)
3.5″ paring knife
3″ bird’s beak knife
Black wood counter block

About this item
13-piece Titanium-coated block set
Fine-edge blade provides superior sharpness
Ergonomic, no-stick cutting



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